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How to Fix Skype Connection Problems

Most common issue that people usually face is being not able to connect to Skype. If you get an error stating “Sorry we couldn’t connect to Skype”, “Skype can’t connect” message when you are trying to sign in to Skype. There may be multiple reasons but most likely cause is that you’re using an older version of Skype. To fix this issue,  download the latest version of Skype. You can download the latest version of Skype.

If you’ve updated to the latest version and still get the “Skype can’t connect” error, then any of the below can be the reason for it

  1. Connectivity issues:
    The there must be an issue with your internet connectivity the first thing that needs to be checked for is the connectivity issue. If you find that there is no issue with the internet connectivity as all other application on your device is working fine except the Skype, then it may due to the firewall settings on your device.

fix skype connection

2. Firewall Setting:
There may be a firewall blocking your access to Skype. The next questions that pop’s up is so how we unblock it or how can we fix this?

windows skype connection problem

So here are the steps for  updating your firewall settings to allow Skype to access to the internet.

====>> How do I update my firewall to work with Skype?

Some firewalls will not permit applications many applications to which you have not specifically allowed to access the internet. Generally, the first time any application makes an attempt to access the internet; you will be asked if you would like to permit that application to access the internet. If unknowingly you have opted not to allow and have select as No on that message or if your firewall has never asked for permission to allow Skype access internet and blocked it from doing so, until you configure your firewall to allow Skype to access the internet you will not be able to use Skype.

Follow the below to change the firewall setting:
1. Make sure that Skype is not running .
2. Open your firewall. If you can’t find your firewall application,
3. Your firewall maintains a list of applications installed on your device.
4. In this list, locate the entry for Skype.
5. Configure the Skype entry to allow it to connect to the internet.
6. Save your changes.
7. Restart Skype and sign in.

Proxy Settings:
Check your proxy settings if you connect to the internet through a proxy server, you may need to manually configure Skype to connect.

If you still encounter connection problems, it may also be need to configure your proxy server to allow Skype to connect to the internet.
There one more things which can help fixing this issue that’s “changing your password.”

But you need to make a call right now and you don’t have time to work through these steps, you can use Skype for Web to make calls or send messages direct from your browser. You don’t need to download or install Skype. Visit the Skype official website and look out for Skype for web. 

How fix Skype Video Not working Problems

How fix Skype Video Not working Problems:
When you make a video call using Skype on your Iphone or I pad device for the first time, it will ask you for permission to access the camera.

The camera permission is a new privacy feature on IOS 8.
If you have selected don’t allow, you won’t be able to allow, you won’t be able to make or receive video calls as all the video calls will be downgrade to audio calls.

To resolve this you need to change your privacy setting:
1. Go to settings from your home screen.
2. Go down in the list and tap on Skype.
3. Select privacy
4. Go to camera and turn n the slider to show green.

If you have already given camera access permissions to Skype then may be any of the below can be the reason:

1. Obstruction to the camera: make sure your camera is pointing towards you and that there’s nothing obstructing it.
2. Camera being used by other application: Close any applications that might be using your Camera. If your Camera has a light to show when it’s in use and you see it when you’re not in a Skype call, then some other application is using your camera.
3. Turn video on in Skype:When you’re in a video call, make sure that your video is switched on. If the video button has a Line run over it, as shown below the video is switched off. Click the button to switch it on.

4. Do you have a good connection?
If the video freezes or has motion blur, it might be your internet connection (or your friend’s) causing the problem. If the connectivity between you and your friend is poor, Skype may turn off your video to prevent the call from dropping. The call quality indicator on the call bar can tell you how good the connection is as shown below:
If the connection is poor, the indicator is red

5. Check your connection. If the connectivity of the call between you and your contact is poor, Skype may turn off your video to save bandwidth and prevent the call from dropping.
6. Ask your friend to check their end. The problem might be with the other person’s video and settings. Ask them to check their video and settings.
7. Upgrade to latest version of Skype.Make sure that you and the friend on the other end whom you’re calling are using the latest version of Skype.
8. Improve the lighting conditions.If you have a bright light behind you pointing into your Camera, your face will appear dark to the other person. If the room is too dark, your Camera will try to amplify the light to make the picture brighter; this will decrease the video quality and same may be the case with your friend o the other side. For best video quality, make sure there is a very good lighting conditions and avoid back light.

To summarize
1. Make sure you have latest version of Skype.
2. You have provided camera access permissions to Skype.
3. Have a good Connectivity.
4. Have a good lighting condition.

How to Delete Skype Chat history on iPhone

There are multiple ways of deleting the chat history. While most of the people want to delete the chat history, there are few people who would just prefer hiding it. Where in most of the people would just want to delete only few texts from the chat history. Chat history can create a problem sometimes if you know what I mean. It’s really important to know as how to delete your chat history.

You can follow the below given method in order to delete skype chat history. You can delete part of a chat or the whole chat itself from history. You also need to know that once deleted, it can’t be recovered back on Skype.

All of these are possible and below are the steps to be followed.


Editing and Delete instant message from chat:
Let me start with deleting a single or multiple text instant messages from the chat history.
This quite simple and wouldn’t take much effort.

If you wish to edit copy or delete messages:
1.Open Skype and Sing in
2.Go to the conversation
3.Tap and hold to select the message
4.A pop up with options menu will appear
5.Will have COPY, DELETE and EDIT options
6.Tap on Delete option from the pop up option Menu.

Coming to the other option where most of the please would just want to Hide the chat
Hiding the chat history sometimes servers the purpose of securing our chat details from the guest who would use our phone. We have this option in our recent tab. Let us see how to do it

To hide the chats from your Recent Tab:
1.Open Skype and Sing in
2.Go to the recent tab
3.Swipe left on the contact then you will have Delete Icon
4.Tap the delete Icon, then you will have options to Delete, Hide or Cancel
5.A Confirmation Message for deleting the chat will pop you with options
6.Choose Hide.
This will hide the chat from the recent tab.



All the option which is listed above is just a temporary step that you can take which would just help you hide the chats and delete just few messages. What if we would need to delete the chat history permanently from our device, what if I don’t need any of messages from a chat?
What if you wish to completely delete the chat history? Well we have several ways of doing it.

Let us see how this could be done one after the other Deleting the Entire chat History:

One of way is to delete from the recent tab
1.Open Skype and Sing in
2.Go to the recent tab
3.Swipe left on the contact then you will have Delete Icon
4.Tap the delete Icon, then you will have options to Delete, Hide or Cancel
5.A Confirmation Message for deleting the chat will pop you with options
6.Choose Delete.
Other way of deleting the chat history
1.Open Skype and Sign in
2.Tap on the Edit option at top left of your screen.
3.Tap on the conversation
4.Tap Delete at the bottom.
5.Then Select delete from options.

There is one more way of deleting the entire chat history is within the conversation.
1.Open Skype and Sign in
2.Tap on the chat-header at the top of the screen
3.Then go to chat options
4.Tap Delete chat


If you want more tips on Skype then you can follow our guide on how to : Create Skype account, Use Skype, Delete skype account, Share Screen, Skype Push to TalkConference call and Skype for Business, Fix Microphone Access Problem info.

How To Share Screen on Skype

Skype has become a media that connects the world by enabling chat calls and video calls.
For long time it’s has been the personal communicator and now it has widely spread into the business world and was quite famous for the video conferences and conference call
Now the trend has changed and most of the organization has started using Skype as their office communicator.
The main purpose of office communicator is to enable the members of the organizations to have their calls, video calls, chats or screen sharing sessions. Screen sharing allows us to show our computer screen to one or more of our contacts. This feature of Skype is perfect for business presentations, showing your tech-support team if any issues in your system for help.

When we say office it’s always desktop or laptops either with windows operating system or MAC operating system.

So now let’s know how I can share my screen to my conversation partner from my Windows machine
1. Sign in to Skype
2. Find the person or the group whom you want to share your screen.
3. Start a call with group or person
4. During the call click on the fa10215_plus in the call bar
5. A popup menu with some options will appear as below:


6. Now select share screens option from the popup menu.
7. If you have multiple items open on your desktop select the item that you are willing to share.
8. A drop down with title “Share your screen” will appear.
9. The drop down you will have options as shown above.
10. If you want to share a specific window also select share a window option if you want to share your complete screen select share your screen option.
11. Once you are sharing your screen and want to change the sharing content tap on the drop down arrow in the floating call.
12. If you are done with sharing the screen and want to end your screen sharing then click on stop sharing button.

So now let’s know how I can share my screen to my conversation partner from my MAC machine.

1. Sign in to Skype
2. Find the person or the group whom you want to share your screen.
3. Start a call with group or person
4. Click on the enshareicon icon at the bottom of the window
5. Now select share screen
6. In new opened window you will have options to “share your entire screen” or to “share a window options
7. If you want to share a specific window also select share a window option if you want to share your complete screen select hare your screen option.
8. Now click on start to start sharing.
9. Once you are sharing your screen and want to change the sharing content then tap on the + icon again and then select switch screen or window option.
10. If you are done with sharing the screen and want to end your screen sharing then click on stop sharing button.

The screen sharing can be done even in a group conversion , but screen can be shared only once. If you want more information on Skype then you can follow our guide on how to : Create Skype account, Use Skype, Delete account, Share Screen, Conference call and Skype for Business info.

Skype Vs Skype for Business Comparison

For online videoconferencing, we’ve two Skypes now: most of us know the free consumer version of it, and the other one is Skype for Business, formerly Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync. This rebranded, redesigned Microsoft Lync has been done to give Skype’s consumer the feel of business environment and this applies to all the enterprise. 

As the standard Skype client puts status and information about their availability or non-availability, the contact management in Skype for Business, provides the same options at your fingertips.

Skype for Business seems virtually identical to Skype but they are not the same. They not only differ just because Skype for Business costs money like Microsoft Lync. Skype for Business provides its client with capacity and productivity advantages specially designed for businesses that are huge or present themselves as big. If a business has the following mentioned needs, then moving-on from free Skype to Skype for business will not only meet these needs but will also be a worthwhile return on investment.

  1. Conduct meeting in large number?

The standard Skype on a conference call is limited to 25 people at once, whereas Skype for Business has pushed this limit to 250, making it a platform for large-scale presentations like live webinars or all-hands meetings. People participating in Skype or Skype for Business meetings may not be necessarily using a Skype user to have them in meeting. With an extra fees applied on dial-in users, both Skype and Skype for Business services support calls from landlines and standard mobile phones.

  1. Easy integration with office apps?

The way Skype for Business is being integrated into Office 365 is one of its biggest advantage. This essentially means its clients will use Outlook directly with Skype for Business’ IM, voice and video features by just clicking directly on one of their contact to initiate a conversation with them or schedule a meeting later if required. Outlook will archive the meeting history on Skype for Business with each of your contact you’ve had a meeting with. Several other Office 365 apps get into the play, too. If you want to collaborate on a Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation, then without having to leave the program you’ll be able to initiate a conference and share your screen.

  1. Concern for Permissions and Security?

Although it doesn’t mean that VoIP calls are shielded with plates against eavesdroppers but yes, all the Skype traffic is encrypted with AES(both standard and Skype for Business). As the administrator Skype for Business gives you stronger control over the accounts and access about who can do what with which tool by raising its stakes with stronger authentication methods. With different program features which can be assigned to each user on the service, subscriptions can be added and removed at the user level.

Skype for Business conferences have all the required features from screen sharing-to-text chat-and-individual control over participants’ microphones-and-what not?

  1. Sophisticated conference room setup?

If you want to set up a dedicated videoconferencing room so that, say, two satellite offices can communicate face-to-face over video with each other, Skype for Business must be the priority. Lync was built with these types of setups in mind, and the new Skype Room Systems will allow you to use Skype with standalone monitors and cameras, audio gear from Polycom and the Microsoft Surface Hub online through ink or touch for whiteboarding. Existing Lync Room Systems is upgradable to Skype Room Systems. Skype for Business can be integrated with many enterprise class PBX systems and lets you route the calls more easily using your phones over VOIP.

  1. Require great features for reasonable price?-‘Online Plan 2’

The basic difference- Skype is free but Skype for Business will cost you. The two basic plans are available for smaller companies “Online Plan 1” and “Online Plan 2”.

“Online Plan 1” is with a yearly contract and costs $2 per user per month which covers only the basics. Fundamentally you get a little more than standard Skype with Online Plan 1.

But, you get way more features with “Online Plan 2”. This will cost $5.50/month service and it adds HD video to group conferences, allows a web browser including anonymous connections to join meetings, Outlook schedule integration, the ability to record meetings, desktop sharing and remote control and much more.

You’ll need a Skype for Business Server and likely a third-party integrator to do the job for more sophisticated setups. Prices at different level may vary which includes conference room integration, dial-in audio features and E911 support.

Skype is available for Skype for iPhone , iPad, android operating system and blackberry phones. You can also download Skype on Windows mobile platform.