How fix Skype Video Not working Problems

How fix Skype Video Not working Problems:
When you make a video call using Skype on your Iphone or I pad device for the first time, it will ask you for permission to access the camera.

The camera permission is a new privacy feature on IOS 8.
If you have selected don’t allow, you won’t be able to allow, you won’t be able to make or receive video calls as all the video calls will be downgrade to audio calls.

To resolve this you need to change your privacy setting:
1. Go to settings from your home screen.
2. Go down in the list and tap on Skype.
3. Select privacy
4. Go to camera and turn n the slider to show green.

If you have already given camera access permissions to Skype then may be any of the below can be the reason:

1. Obstruction to the camera: make sure your camera is pointing towards you and that there’s nothing obstructing it.
2. Camera being used by other application: Close any applications that might be using your Camera. If your Camera has a light to show when it’s in use and you see it when you’re not in a Skype call, then some other application is using your camera.
3. Turn video on in Skype:When you’re in a video call, make sure that your video is switched on. If the video button has a Line run over it, as shown below the video is switched off. Click the button to switch it on.

4. Do you have a good connection?
If the video freezes or has motion blur, it might be your internet connection (or your friend’s) causing the problem. If the connectivity between you and your friend is poor, Skype may turn off your video to prevent the call from dropping. The call quality indicator on the call bar can tell you how good the connection is as shown below:
If the connection is poor, the indicator is red

5. Check your connection. If the connectivity of the call between you and your contact is poor, Skype may turn off your video to save bandwidth and prevent the call from dropping.
6. Ask your friend to check their end. The problem might be with the other person’s video and settings. Ask them to check their video and settings.
7. Upgrade to latest version of Skype.Make sure that you and the friend on the other end whom you’re calling are using the latest version of Skype.
8. Improve the lighting conditions.If you have a bright light behind you pointing into your Camera, your face will appear dark to the other person. If the room is too dark, your Camera will try to amplify the light to make the picture brighter; this will decrease the video quality and same may be the case with your friend o the other side. For best video quality, make sure there is a very good lighting conditions and avoid back light.

To summarize
1. Make sure you have latest version of Skype.
2. You have provided camera access permissions to Skype.
3. Have a good Connectivity.
4. Have a good lighting condition.