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How to do Conference Call on Skype

If you want to call your loved ones in different places at the same time or get in touch with your partners or employees for business meetings, Skype for iPhone continues to give you access to the almost free conference call. It is fast and saves time and money.

Skype for iPhone is available on smartphones; you can easily use it to do an audio conference call. There are also a lot of features attached on Skype for iPhone that everyone can quickly take advantage. With the features of Skype for iPhone, you can easily make conference calls just with a touch on your Smartphone which makes it very easy and efficient mechanism to connect with business colleagues and friends without wasting much time. You can follow the same procedures on you iPad too.

Skype for iPhone

How to do Conference Calls on Skype for iPhone

Follow these simple steps to make a Skype conference call:

  1. In the Skype client window, press your phone to see the contacts you want to include in the conference calls.

When selecting multiple contacts, the green handset button is used to start Skype changes appearance and now says group call.

  1. When you press the call Group button, Skype will call the selected contacts.

If you have added mobile service calls to your Skype account, you can include contacts with phone numbers or landline phone and Skype contacts appointed in your conference calls. Before making the call, just add a contact and provide a regular phone number in the contact information.

Once the contact is included, you can immediately add the contact in any conference call you start. Of course, depending on where you are calling you may incur the regular service charge from your network provider.

Adding People to a Conference Call

You can add people when the conference call is going on, all you have to do is to turn any call (voice or video) into a conference call. Click on the button “Add participant” during a call, select a contact (s) from the list of people you have and you are done.

How do you reconnect a Dropped Call when a Conference Call is ongoing?

When you are doing a conference call and the connection drops unexpectedly. All you need to do is to restart the lost call without restarting the conference call as follows:

  1. The person who was lost during the teleconference will see the text on the green call button change to join the group. He or she can click to rejoin the conference call.
  2. If that fails, you can click on the Contacts tab to go to the Skype contact list.

In the contact list, all call participants must already be selected.

  1. Click the green call button and the dropped contact on the Skype client window. The lost contact will be connected to the conference call, which will make you not to stop the existing conference call.

As the day is going, new features will be added in Skype for iPhone to enhance the experience of the users, all you have to do is stay in touch when new features are introduces so that you can benefit from it. You may also want to know difference between skype and skype for business.