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How to Use Push to Talk Feature on Skype

Skype undoubtedly is the most popular app use online to make calls. There are many uses for Skype. Businesses use Skype to conduct a business transaction, gamers use Skype to play games, even schools are now adopting Skype as a medium to teach their students. Of course, for some years now, News and Media houses use Skype to conduct interviews with prominent citizens and others alike. Big News Corporation like CNN uses Skype for business too. This app has also grown very much in popularity as gamer’s favorite app of communication while playing games.

Skype has become a very important tool lately not only for doing business but also for connecting with friends and families. The app is very easy to use even for the most basic user with limited computer knowledge however most people still find “Push-to-talk” feature of this program hard to understand. If you are among this group who still find it hard to use the Skype push-to-talk feature, read on, this article will explain how you can finally be able to setup and use push to talk button in Skype.

Push to talk feature also known as “Toggle Mute key” is used to mute the microphone while doing something else until you are ready to talk. This feature is one of the most requested features by Skype users that finally allow gamers to prevent others hearing themselves using certain words. If you are using Skype for business, you can always use this feature to pause the microphone while talking to someone on Skype and then unmute it when you are ready to talk or use the microphone again. This program allows you to keep confidential information secure when you are using Skype.

How to Set Up Skype Push To Talk

This program work only with classic Skype version that is in Windows Skype and it is not supported in metro Skype application.

Now to set this program up, click on your Skype icon to bring up the Skype window in your PC. Now take a look at the menu bar, you will see an option that says “Tool”, this is what we need to get the job done. Left click on “Tools” to see a dropdown menu. Now from this dropdown menu select “Options”.

Skype push to talk iphone

Now take a look at the left side of your Skype window (that is after you have clicked on Tools > Options). At the bottom of this new window you will see an option that says “Advanced” with a little cogwheel. Click on this Option. Remember with Skype updates, this may look a little different with what you have. However you can still look for an option that says “Advanced” and click on it.

push to talk feature skype

When you click on “Advanced” option, another dropdown will open revealing other options. The option we need is the one named Hotkeys. Left click on “Hotkeys” so that we can bring up a window in the Skype box on the right of the menu selection.

push to talk skype

Now we are almost done with setting up of the Push-to-talk feature. When you’ve selected the Hotkeys; scroll down to the option in the new window that says “Toggle Mute (Push-to-talk). All you have to do here is check or tick the box and then click on it and select “Change Selected Shortcut” option.

A new window will pop up, in this new window change the keybind to whatever you feel that you are comfortable with. Skype only allows you to use Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys. Here is the part most people find confusing. Remember that this is “TOGGLE MUTE” and not a “TOGGLE UN-MUTE”. When you are done with this; exit the current options. You can now go ahead and call anybody you wish to call or simply continue with the conversation with your current friend.

There is an option at the bottom of the Skype window to “Toggle Mute” the program. You can mute yourself by left clicking on this option. When you use the Push-to-talk key, you will simply unmute yourself.

skype push to talk

That’s it. Now you can use the Skype Push-to-talk feature anytime you want. If you want more tips on Skype then you can follow our guide on how to : Create Skype account, Use Skype, Delete account, Share Screen, Conference call and Skype for Business info.